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I am vijay from india.i am here for friend and for a nice girl.russian girls are very beautiful but i think they dont know how to love or know who is a good guy


  • Был 12 февраля 2019 в 03:31
  • 0
33 года, Козерог
Россия, Москва
Подарите подарок и вас обязательно заметят
Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку от 27 до 34 для дружбы.
Свободно о себе
  • Ready to follow all your dreams
Кого я хочу найти
  • Just you exactly
Личная информация
  • 175 см, 65 кг, спортивное телосложение, черные волосы и карие глаза.
  • Высшее
  • Не курю, не терплю курящих
  • Выпиваю иногда в компаниях
  • Английский(продвинутый); Испанский(начальный)
  • Music leading to dreams
  • Drama, action, old movies
  • Classic literature
  • Prepared with love
  • Bulgaria, Turkey
  • Having dates
  • If you are with person you love, any place become a wonderful garden
  • I just waiting for you and then tell
  • Is understand how difficult to meet exactly yours one
  • Honesty, loyalty, tense of humour, ability to follow your feelings
  • I am an angel exactly, but don't use it too much
  • Hindu
  • No but think about rusty cat
  • I am a good person in this crazy world still
  • Lost a lot because of my indecision in past
  • I just try to make our future better
  • I hope we will do it together
  • I don't like TV, more better is time and talks with someone you love